Bazoo – Mobile eSport Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Bazoo is a mobile game aspiring to be in the ranks as one of the first eSport games. While that hasn’t happened yet you can play the game as it is. It is a puzzle game similar to Tetris. You match blocks and make sure that your board doesn’t fill up much faster than your opponent’s board. This is the other thing that makes the game much interesting as you are always playing against a human player online. That can be challenging so use our Bazoo hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Bazoo is available on both iOS and Android.

Match the right tiles

The game only drops two connected tiles at the same time. One animal tile and one food tile. Your objective is to match an animal with the right food tile. Just like a dog is to a bone, squirrel is to a nut, rabbit is to a carrot and a koala is to a leaf. All you have to do is to place an animal near the right food to remove it from the board. It doesn’t matter if it is just one food tile, having the right animal match will clear it right away. It is better to cluster up the same food tiles and then place the right animal tile to clear everything.

Tap or swipe

To change the position of the tiles, just tap on the screen. Only one tile will move which will rotate it to a clockwise motion. You can drop the tiles in a vertical or horizontal form depending on how you need to. Swiping to the left or right will make it move to that direction. Just be cautious when you tap or swipe as you may end up swiping instead of tapping so that’s bad for you.

The multiplayer aspect

The game prides itself on being a multiplayer heavy game. You won’t have a chance to play against AI enemies. When the game begins you will see your board on the right and the enemy’s board on the left in a smaller scale. The thing to remember is that both players will have the same tiles to use. That way you won’t have any excuse because both of you have the same ones. It all boils down to skill and strategy. One other thing is that the more battles you play, the higher the levels you can unlock to bet more and win more.

Do combos and be fast

While you and the enemy have the same tiles, doing combos and being fast is advised. When you do successful combos, any of the tiles you clear will be sent to the enemy player. That adds to the challenge but they can do the same to you. The reason why you need to be fast is so that you can pile up tiles on their board when they least expect it.

Gems or not?

Gems are the premium currency of Bazoo. The game is not a pay to win so the Gems are usable only to buy aesthetics. These items don’t change any gameplay mechanics but only when you want your character to look more fashionable.

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