Art of Conquest Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Art of Conquest is a mixture of different gameplay mechanics. It has elements of RPG, adventure, RTS and base building. You guide a group of warriors led by your hero of choice. You then set out on a conquest to attack the different lands that you can muster. Don’t be confident though as enemies are lurking around the corner. They want yo take you out as well as take the lands for their selves. Be sure to use our Art of Conquest hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Art of Conquest is available on both iOS and Android.

Choose your hero

When you start playing Art of Conquest for the first time you will get to choose from three different heroes. Each of them has a specific play style so make sure to choose the one that you think will fit your play style. Don’t worry though as you can unlock more heroes later on but that will be quite awhile. You’ll be stuck with one hero for the time being so be sure to choose wisely.

Follow the quests

Story mode is the first thing that you are thrown in to do. It doesn’t matter which hero you will choose, you will follow the same story and complete the same objectives. Now during the story the mode, there are things that you can do but there are the quests that you should follow. Doing the quests allow you to progress with the story and get rewards. Now there are also side quests that you can choose to do or not but better do them for extra rewards.

Before you fight

When you do quests or not, you will encounter enemies on the field. There are some enemies that later turn to allies. However in some of these encounters you don’t fight them right away. You have an option to fight them, think of it as giving you a second thought. Before you choose to fight be sure to find out the power level of the enemy. You can also see your power level so you may think twice about fighting the enemy if the gap is too big.

Assemble your troops and control them well

In order to determine your power level, your troops will be the ones to deal with that along with your hero. Depending on how many troops you are bringing will determine the power level as well. We mentioned that it maybe a bit tricky to fight an enemy that has a high power level. However when the gap isn’t too big, it all boils down to control. Make sure to put the right troops in the right slots. Just like archers at the back and melee troops at the front. Try to find the right combinations to use when playing Art of Conquest. The RTS function comes in where you have to control the troops that you have on the field. Be strategic and not just rely on brute force and sheer numbers.

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