Angry Birds Blast Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Angry Birds Blast is your typical match-and-tap game that looks to be a lot milder than hauling birds at bad piggies! Don’t be deceived by its looks however, you’ll still be able to avenge and rescue those cute little eggs from those shameless pigs by popping the balloons beside them. Ready for a tried-and-tested fun and colourful adventure? This game is available on both iOS and Android. Without further delay, here is our Angry Birds Blast hack and cheats list to help you get started!

Angry Birds Blast hack cheats tips guide

Angry Birds Blast is available on both iOS and Android.

Aim for three stars!

Earning three stars at the end of each level will also help you earn silver coins that you can use to purchase gold coins with.  Gold coins can then be used to extend your play and purchase boosts. Keep in mind that this game will gradually increase in difficulty and you won’t notice how tough it is to play during the early part. So it is best to save those coins and only use them when necessary.

Also, there are game phases called “Journeys” with 135 levels each as of time of writing—quite a long way to go, if you asked us, so saving those coins is a smart move.


For iOS device users, check out the list of all possible achievements for Game Center by expanding the list button on the lower left of your screen and try to at least fulfil one or two. Earn bragging rights and achievement points and possible bonuses. Not quite sure if there is a similar list for Android users, but it’s worth checking out and you could perchance earn bonuses by completing the list.

The game starts out pretty easy and gradually gets a lot tougher for a tap-and-pop. Try to play all the hard levels for even better chances of earning bonuses and achievement points!

Replay for silver coins!

Silver coins are important and we can’t stress this enough. You can exchange these for gold coins or buy boosters that you can use to extend your play and clear a HARD stage. A good way to earn silver is to replay past levels on each journey over and over. No need to buy gold using real money, you can just play over and over, if you have plenty of time!

Burst at least five like-coloured balloons at once!

Sure you’ll be able to tap-and-pop at least two, but try to aim for at least five to turn the balloon tiles into useful boosts! Once you see at least 3 or 4 balloons grouped together, work out those at the bottom or top to create an even bigger group of balloons to pop. This will help you improve your score for each level of the journey.

Use the free boosts!

Clear the stage in as few moves as possible or earn a very high score to earn these boosts. Don’t hesitate to use the boosts because this game is quite generous as it periodically gives you free stuff as long as you play continuously.

A good thing to consider when using boosts is that they can be combined to form more awesome boosts! Just pop at least five like-coloured balloons next to existing boosts to create another one beside it. The most common is the rocket, combine two or three to take out multiple rows and columns at the same time, instead of just one!

Keep on playing to unlock game features!

Some game features can only be unlocked if you’ve been playing for quite a while. Unlock the tasks feature by reaching at least level 20 or so. We honestly already forgot, but completing daily and weekly tasks will earn you tons of goodies that you can use to make your game a lot easy.

Don’t forget to collect your rewards after you finish a game under the daily tasks. You can then wait the next day for another shot at the special game.

Aside from daily tasks, there are regular quests that you can fulfil, see right pen/paper tab and make sure to collect your rewards for those that you have already completed.

Pop the big piggies for five extra moves!

Over at the daily tasks, you’ll be able to play an endless game of match-and-pop involving really big piggies that you can take down in exchange for five extra moves. This can help you extend your special game longer and help you fulfil the objectives for bonuses, gold coins, silver coins, or boosts.

Watch the number of moves at all times!

Don’t run out of moves and always keep your eye on the big number in the middle of the screen. Also, try to take down barriers like concrete and wooden walls and clear all the bubbles first before setting up an elaborate group of boosts to take down the table. Doing that will only use up important moves that you can use to clear the game.

Add your friends!

Add your FB friends and beat them at the daily and weekly tasks to earn gold coins and other extras! Like any other game, this is an easy errand to do to earn quick freebies. The more friends you add, the better!

There you have it, our Angry Birds Blast hack and cheats list! Although this game is quite different from the usual Angry Birds games that we are familiar with, it is just as fun and mischievous as ever! Share your game stats and comments below and don’t forget to check out our other game info and reviews!

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