Altered Beast Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Beat em up games are always fun to play. It is fun to play with friends for some hilarity and others but there are those that are single player beat em up games. One of the classic single player beat em up games is Altered Beast. It was made and released by SEGA for the arcades before making it to home consoles. You’re a gladiator resurrected by Zeus to save his daughter Athena from the clutches of Neff and his demons. Venture through the different levels with the power to transform into different animals like a wolf, bear, dragon and many more. It is a classic game but you can still use our Altered Beast hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Altered Beast is available on both SteamiOS and Android.

Use a controller

Altered Beast is played in the arcades and of course for those SEGA console ports. That means the control was easy because they had to use controllers with the buttons. When you have a bluetooth controller that you can plug onto your device then you use it. It is very convenient to use it especially if you’re an avid console gamer. We’re not saying that the controls are hard on default but having a controller helps for the most part of course.

Maybe mash some buttons

One unconventional or traditional way of playing beat em up games is to mash buttons. Keep in mind that the earliest beat em up games just have you tap one button for attacking, one for jumping and another for a special move. In this game you can completely button mash and you’ll be fine for the most part of course. This is also where that bluetooth controller can work when you just want to button mash.

Perhaps go slow and steady

One thing that Altered Beast has that most beat em up games don’t utilize is that it is straight up two dimensional. Meaning you just move left and right without the ability to move on a 3D plane. That’s not a bad thing of course so maybe you can proceed with caution. This means that you need to beat enemies that are in front of you. Then proceed slowly just in case something jumps up in front of you. There is no time limit to watch out for so that’s another good thing. Proceed slowly and with caution is one other way to go about it.

Maybe don’t transform

The game’s high point is when you transform. You get to change into different animal hybrids bearing different kinds of powers which is just as fun. However if you’re really that skilled, you don’t have to transform. Players have done it in the past but then again those transformation powers don’t carry over to the next levels. Think of it as just being skillful in a way.

Climb the leader boards

There are leader boards that you can climb in the game. In a sense it could be the game’s way of a replay value. Think you can be in the top 10’s with your skills.

Save Athena with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Altered Beast hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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