Airlines Manager: Tycoon Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Airlines Manager: Tycoon is a simulation game where you run an airport. Running an airport means that you arrange the flights in both the numbers and the destinations. Running an airport also means that you need to keep the passengers that are still on the ground happy. Passengers can be cranky when there aren’t a lot of amenities and the airport has bad service. Do the best that you can to make these people happy and use our Airlines Manager: Tycoon hack, cheats, tips and guide while you’re at it.

Airlines Manager: Tycoon is available on both iOS and Android.

Pay attention to the tutorial

Airlines Manager: Tycoon like many games has a tutorial section. You can’t skip this one though as the game will teach you some important things. This is where you should pay attention because you can get some tips right away. The tutorial can be boring but if you want to get a bang for your money then just pay attention to it.

The clearance number

If you weren’t paying attention to the tutorial then this part is where you should have at least focused on. We are talking about the clearance numbers. Clearance numbers are given to airport hubs and planes. Each plane corresponds or can only land and leave on an airport hub of the same number. That sounds easy but of course you need to check all the time before you buy a new plane. That is because when you buy a new plane and you don’t have an airport hub of the same clearance numbers then you can’t use that plane for the time being until you make a new airport hub of the same number. That can be a pain and buying a plane and new hub is not a cheap endeavor.

Buying and using a plane

Later on when you can afford to buy planes there are things that you can consider doing as well as planes that you already have. Planes are classified as short, medium and long haul ones. This basically determines the distance of the flight. Earlier on it is ideal to buy short haul and medium haul planes first. The purpose for this is that these flights are shorter and the planes aren’t as expensive. That means that you can have a short turn around flight and means more profit. Later on get into long haul planes but don’t buy a lot for the initial parts at least. You can also lease your planes when you would need to when playing Airlines Manager: Tycoon. You get to save some money when you lease your planes or at least some of them.

Your services

Like any airport, flights aren’t the only ones the provide. There are some airports that have different services and in this game there are Airport, Infrastructure, On-board and Partnership. When you take a look at these services they act like upgrades that can help you earn more and keep your customers happy. Be sure to allocate these upgrades well and balanced as such.

Keep those flights coming with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Airlines: Manager: Tycoon hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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