Age of Immortals Hacks, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Age of Immortals is a fun but complicated RPG game that you will surely enjoy! There are tons of heroes to collect and even more ways to customise each of the hero to build the best in the realm! This game is not for beginners and it has a big learning curve, but once you get over the tutorials and understand how to upgrade, fuse, and consider your heroes’ elements in battle, then you’ll be all set. So here is our list of Age of Immortals hacks and cheats to help you understand the game quickly.

Age OF Immortal hack, cheats, tips and guide


Be prepared to replay the levels over and over. This is the most important thing to consider before playing the game. You need to do this to level-up your preferred heroes until they maxed out and you can no longer upgrade or level them up. You will earn tons of coins, gems, and boxes with common, rare, epic, or “super legendary” characters. Take things slow. The key is to be patient with each of the characters that you want to level up and fuse.

Level-up, Upgrade, and Fuse!

You have the prerogative which heroes to use or “eat up” to upgrade the ones that you choose to keep! Check out the stats and if you don’t feel like they’re strong enough for your taste, then let them go. Type S heroes are the only ones that you can fuse. A word of warning, though, you might want to write how you evolved/upgraded a great character before fusing because not all fused heroes are great. Unfortunately, there is no way to know the results of two heroes being fused before it’s too late.

Challenge players!

This game is a real-time RPG and you can challenge anyone near your team’s capacity. You will be given an estimate of your chances of winning, so if you see 100% right there, then go for it. You will earn coins, gems, or potentially great heroes to upgrade and evolve.

Each hero falls under an element!

If you plan to nail the battles each time, then you should consider each hero’s affinity. Also, make sure to bring one hero that heals or shields the whole team from physical or magic attacks. They will come in handy as you confront the advancing enemies in waves.

Defeat bosses at the end of each level!

Save the special blocks for last and wait just until the boss is within your range before you tap them one after another. This will surely make your victory short and sweet!

Collect daily bonuses!

Don’t forget to collect daily bonuses! Additionally, the shop keeper will give you rare heroes once in a while for free! So always check back to see if there is one available. Don’t spend your coins on useless items that you will earn eventually.

These are some of our Age of Immortals hacks and cheats. For those who are wondering if the date/time bug works for this game, it doesn’t. However, don’t feel too sad because this game is highly addicting and the extensive character customisation will surely keep you busy!

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