Age of Heroes: Conquest Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Age of Heroes: Conquest is a game that lets you play as a likely hero to unite a leaderless Kingdom called Eridun. Go save the empire and the people and liberate them from the enemies! If you like slow-progress games, an elaborate story line, and interesting characters, then you will certainly like this game! This RPG has all the works, from awesome upgrades and equipment, up to powerful fusions and more! What are you waiting for? Here’s our Age of Heroes: Conquest hack and cheats list to give you a few ideas how to play the game smartly.

age of heroes conquest hack, cheats tips and guide

Age Of Heroes: Conquest is available on both iOS and Android.

Invest on a good defence unit!

Initially, you will be given basic units that you can level up and equip later on in the game. You’ll find that your some of your units that can deal considerable physical attacks won’t last too long, without much defence. Because of this, a good one to keep them company is Vulgore, who has tank-like properties that can protect these other units from taking damage.

Pick one of your enemies and attack!

Bombard one enemy attacker early on to finish it and then go after the remaining ones. Ideally, you should take down the one that is most vulnerable first. This increases your chances of advancing to the next wave and fighting the boss.


Guilds protect you and help you with your tasks and missions! Participate in group missions to earn EXP and bonus items as well. Also, if you don’t have a guild, others will simply pick on you for not being powerful enough to take on a clan. Choose the right guild that suits your playing style!

Consider your enemies’ affinities!

Each hero/ally/enemy has a specific affinity. Take down enemies that are vulnerable to your affinity or element first, since they are easier to take down than those who are mightier than you are.  And then, gang up on the tougher enemies last.

Upgrade your hero’s health and defence!

Heroes deal tons of damage against your enemies, but are easily taken down when you’re a group of enemies turn their focus on them. This is why you should build your hero’s HP and defence, equip him, and always pair him up with a tank ally. Also, it is important to upgrade them all equally. You wouldn’t want to tip the balance if one of the tougher one falls. You want everyone to be able to take the beating and still win even without the others.

Bring a mix of heroes and allies!

Don’t bring just one type of hero element to battle. Make sure you have a mix of heroes, so you won’t get wiped out in case a really tough enemy is stronger than your troops. And then, take down the weaker ones first, and the strong ones last. Rinse and repeat.

Summon heroes!

Always go for legendary heroes or deluxe summons, so you’re better saving those rubies than spending them on useless speed ups or whatnots. Save those shards as well to create a powerful army. You can get rubies and shards by completing missions and daily objectives. Achievements will also earn you tons of premium currency. Improve your rank, so you’ll get a better multiplier, and thus will earn you more!

There you have it, our Age of Heroes: Conquest hack and cheats! Don’t forget to share your secret plays and tips by commenting below!

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