Abyssrium Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Abyssrium is a clicking game where you play in the abyss or presumably underneath the ocean. It is a clicker game where you can grow a group of fish. You’re basically like making and running an aquarium. Make sure you customize and enjoy your time in the abyss and to do that you need our Abyssrium hack, cheats, tips and guide.

abyssrium hack cheats tips guide

Abyssrium is available on both iOS and Android.

Remember to save

One thing that you should never forget to do is to save your game. Saving your game allows you to maintain whatever progress you did. The game doesn’t have a very reliable auto-save feature so make sure you save before you log out. You are playing a mobile device so a power outage won’t be much of an issue but maybe internet connection would be.

Change the look of your Abyssrium

You can change the look of your Abyssrium. You can look for the symbol of a paint palette in the lower right. Clicking on it allows you to change the colors and some looks of your Abyssrium. You can also unlock some nice rewards when you change your Abyssrium’s look from time to time. Keep in mind that these are just aesthetics and have no real boost to your game but it makes things less boring.

Click on that fish

Whenever there is a symbol on the top of your fish’s head make sure to click on it. It doesn’t disappear but clicking on it gives it a chance to reappear again later on. One symbol is a heart which gives you some money when you click on it. A camera is another symbol that you will see on the fish. Clicking on it allows you to take a photo. Taking a photo can unlock some features, content and other things in the game. You can also simply get some more money when clicking on the camera symbol.

Take photos and unlock more

Taking photos in the game can unlock more content and hidden things ranging from fish and other things. Just like when you take a picture of a Clownfish 3 times then you get something interesting. You can also take pictures of your fish and share it online for more content you can get. Make sure to experiment and take photos of different fish so you can unlock more content.

Start with the Corals and get fish

Start with the Lonely Corallite as you need to click on it. In doing so you can make money really fast and proceed onto the other Corals to make more money. It is always nice to start slow and the more money you can make means the more fish you can get. The more fish you can unlock means the more content you can get as well.

Getting Gems

There are different ways to get Gems in the game and one way is to buy it with real money. You can also just watch an ad to get Gems or by connecting your Facebook account to the game so that you can upload your photos and gain Gems. If you also share your photos on Instagram there is a chance of reaping in a lot of Gems.

Too much time in the abyss can be mind boggling but it doesn’t have to be with our Abyssrium hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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