22 Seconds Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

There are a lot of endless runner games out there and 22 Seconds puts a nice spin to it. While it seems to be an endless runner type as you need to be head further than your last run. The twist is that you only have 22 seconds to that and your run will end. It does sound tricky but with the the help of our 22 Seconds hacks, cheats, tips and guide you can get far.

22 Seconds is available on both iOS and Android.

Master the tricky controls

The game 22 Seconds has easy controls to know but hard to master. Basically you control a ball that you need to go up. You will see the distance that you’ve accumulated so that’s good. The key to the game is to master the tricky controls. You control the ball by swiping on the screen making it go to the direction that you would or so you would think. Just because you swipe up doesn’t mean that it goes up right away. You need to master it so that swiping later on gets a bit easier so to speak. It is also ideal to use a stylus pen since your fingers maybe a bit big to swipe on the screen.

The layout changes

Don’t bother memorizing the pattern of the map. While it may give you the illusion that the pattern is the same, it actually isn’t. While elements repeat like spinning blocks and curved edges they aren’t the same. You just have to expect what the upper parts of the map would have. The good thing is that you can have an idea on far you’ve already progressed since you can see the distance.

Bounce the ball off the walls

The swiping procedure as we stated is tricky. However to make things a bit faster is to bounce it off the wall. Finding the right angle is another tricky thing that you need to do. Bouncing off the ball can be hard but it is easier and much faster since your ball won’t be bouncing off anywhere so to speak.Timing is also key since there are parts that have the spinning blocks and if you bounce it off just right then you’ll pass through with ease.

Getting the Gems or not

There are Gems that you can gather when you’re playing 22 Seconds. The thing about these Gems is that they can be trick to get. Plus you lose time when you focus too much on getting Gems instead of getting ahead. Now of course when you just intend on getting Gems. They even throw a diversion with an area filled with a lot of Gems but just ignore them when you want to get further.

More balls

You can unlock more ball designs when you have the right amount of Gems. These balls are just for aesthetics so basically they don’t add anything else to the gameplay mechanics so just keep that in mind as well. 

How far can you go with the help of Rouen Gamers’ 22 Seconds hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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