PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Want to be the next social media star? PewDiPie’s Tuber Simulator lets you have the chance of making it big on YouTube and it requires you to make videos—lots of them with the objective of earning tons of views! Sounds fun? Wait until you get to experience deciding the kind of videos to make and guessing on the trending topics that would garner a lot of views from your audience. So what are you waiting for? Check out our PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator hack and cheats list to help you become the newest star on the Tube!

pewdiepies tuber simulator hack, cheats, tips and guide

If you still haven’t heard of this game then you must be living under the rock, you can download Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator for Android here and for iOS here.

Game premise!

This game basically lets you live the life of a little-known Tuber, presumably in your parent’s basement, up to the time when you become a star. You start with a basic computer set up and a cardboard box for a table and you can exchange better furniture and fixtures for a number of views! Learn what your audience like based on the number of views for every type of video that you make and always make sure to create videos that people are actually interested in, aka trending! Now, on to our PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator hack and cheats.

Collect more views!

Views are actually your game currency and if you want to rack up on game money, then watch free ads when they appear. Some of you might find the game layout a little irritating, but if you play over and over, you’ll eventually get used to it. You’ll find the free ads right near the Boost button and then some ads would just pop up and you’ll have to wait for them to finish for a few bonuses or skip, if you have no time to spare.

Entice new subscribers!

Select an interesting topic for each time that you will record a new video, so that your views will increase, along with your subscribers. Typically, you earn 3 subscribers every time you upload a pretty interesting video for your audience. Sometimes you get 2 new ones at the end of the video. Just check out what’s trending and you can simply choose the video topic that you think will bring in more views.

Try to study what your audience likes!

During the first part of the game, you will probably just be picking the video topics randomly. But as time goes by, you’ll develop a sense of what you think will be a trending topic, based on the icons shown on the screen. Also, trending themes may be upgraded. So create videos out of these upgraded themes and you’ll surely get tons of viewers and subscribers!

Pick a theme and be good at it!

pewdiepies tuber simulator hack cheats tips and guide 2

Choose one or two recurring themes, so that you’ll only have to make the same videos over and over. Also, this will give you an idea what items to buy from the shop. If you like video games, then go buy related items on the shop every time you earn enough Views. This will “level-up” the theme you have chosen and similar-themed videos that you’ll make will garner even more views and subscribers.

Use Your Brains

Be good in a particular theme and make sure to upgrade it using the Knowledge chart. Use the brains that you earn when you play to increase the niche’s level and eventually attract the number of subscribers that you need to level up. Upgrading your niche on the Knowledge chart will also earn you more viewers and subscribers in your next related videos. Doing so will upgrade your video quality and niches and you’ll also be able to discover new niches to pursue later on. However, keep in mind that your Brains currency are limited, you must choose which niches to improve and which ones to ignore, or else, your Brains will be so spread out they won’t matter much in terms of improving your video selection and quality. Next is my favourite Tuber Simulator Hack.

Here is how to get more free brains and free bux in Tuber Simulator: 

In this Tuber Simulator hack, i will show you how to get free brains and free bux.

tuber simulator hack, cheats, tips and guide 4

Completing in game mission:

Probably the easiest way to get free brains and free bux. Each missions will reward differently, so focus on missions that provide free brains/ free bux, but as you proceed further in this game, the amount of brains and bux you can earn from missions will diminish.

Play Puggle Mini Game:

This is quite expensive so only play Puggle when you have quite an amount of views, otherwise it will drain your views fast.

Daily Rewards:

This method applies to getting free brains, bux and other currency as well. Please make sure that you log in regularly to collect all those rewards.

Levelling Up:

There are 2 ways to level up in Tuber Simulator, and you can earn brains and bux from both methods.

  1. Characters/ Channel levelling: Every items you buy will give your characters or channel experience.
  2. Genre Levelling: Same as above, but this time focus on the icon of the items you buy, the more expensive it is, the more experience your genre will receive.

Buy new items:

Buying new items will reward you with more brains and bux too, but be aware that this only works once per item. So if you buy an item twice, you will only be rewarded once, i highly suggest you to have an excel file for yourself and keep track of what you have bought.

Tap that annoying flying eagle to earn free bux:

It doesn’t happen often, but it works. Once in awhile, there will be an outta-nowhere flying in your room. Tap those, it will earn you free bux.


Upgrade your chosen category with Views Boost to attract as many viewers and subscribers. This will instantly get you 25% more views every time you upgrade, which is why it is important to do this as soon as you are allowed to boost your views. Then you can go on and boost related category on the Knowledge tree once you’ve reached a higher level.

Add an extra category level!

You won’t always get your preferred video themes, so make sure to add more levels to your chosen categories and then upgrade to get more views and subscribers. Early on, we advised you to pick one or two themes to constantly make videos about. Add extra levels to each of these categories evenly until they get maxed out and you become an expert on these categories. Make videos about two to three different things at first and later on, taper down your videos into one special category.

Choose the things you buy!

pewdiepies tuber simulator hack cheats tips and guide 3

Choose the right things to purchase to convey to your viewers your hypothetical interest in a particular niche. You’ll even get better chances of levelling up because the more you buy related objects, the better and more views you would receive. Also, upgrade your character to truly embody the Tuber star that you want to be! Seriously. Look better on your videos and set up your place, and you’ll get more views and subscribers! You can also unlock some awesome game features if you invest in finer things.

Swat the bird!

Another one of our PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator hack and cheats is to swat that eagle to earn item and bonus drops (as mentioned above). Sometimes, you’ll even get regular and premium game currencies, so be vigilant and don’t forget to tap the bid!

Try out other game offers!

Although this can get annoying, if you play a different game within the game, you’ll be able to take off extra time from waiting for your next turn. If you have absolutely no other choice, then go ahead and play these other games. Otherwise, just wait until you’re good to play PewDiePie again.

Easiest Tuber Simulator hack and cheats, but bare in mind, it is risky:

This is the easiest trick but some reported getting bugs and error 99 or 96. Well the hack is that you change your clock in your device into the future, it worked for me but a lot have reported having issue after doing it.

Unless you really don’t care that much about this game, i really don’t suggest you to use this hack. You might not be able to play this game online ever again.

There you have it, our PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator hack and cheats list! Play and re-play continuously to help you upgrade more quickly and get those much needed Brains and bonuses to help you become the best YouTube star in the planet! Comment below to share more tips and info about the game!


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