Gardenscapes Hack, Cheats, Tips, Guide and Walkthrough

Everyone knows how boring Match-3 games can get and with the abundance of these types of games, you will surely get tired of looking for the one that will not make you stop playing after just a few minutes. Gardenscapes is a great matching game that lets you play as an heir to an estate tasked to restore the gardens! With each successful game level, you will be able to accomplish objectives and slowly regain the old splendour of your gardens. Excited yet? Garden lovers, here’s a game for you! Read on to find out our list of Gardenscapes hack and cheats!

gardenscapes hack, cheats, tips and guide

Levelling Guide: 

We have piled up quite a good list of levelling guide here,  you can ask your questions there if you have issue with any level, we will answer you within 24 hours. Now let’s go to our Gardenscape hack and cheats list.

Complete the objectives!

This game requires players to be patient and to complete each of the objectives one at a time. It takes a while but the pretty graphics and layout will surely surprise you and keep you matching tables. You can match tables and save up to 10 stars at a time, and then proceed with fulfilling the objectives continuously for a more satisfying story progression. When the stars run out, then it’s time to do another round of matching games.

Match 5 tiles at a time!

Matching five tiles of the same figure will result to a bomb. So will matching 6 at a time. This takes out a large portion of the table. If you need to clear or re-set the table, this is what you need to watch out for. You can match five tiles on a horizontal line or 6 on a side-lying T. Always aim for these combinations especially in levels where you need to clear the grass to expose the bears or drop the lemonade glasses.

Look before you make a match!

Looking for combinations to match is easy, but when the objective includes exposing bears, it can get a little tricky. For every matching game level, you are given a finite number of moves and you need to complete your objective before you use them all up. Otherwise, you lose and have to repeat the level until you complete it. You can get stuck in a rut if you keep on matching 3’s that don’t really help expose those bears.

When collecting lemonade!

Always make sure that a lemonade glass sits on a lane that will allow it to fall to the bottom. Some tables have spots that prevent the glass of lemonade from reaching the bottom. So make sure to move it to the left or right before you blast an area to bring it down or before you use up all of your moves.

When to use the rainbow power up!

Matching longer combinations continuously fills up the rainbow power up gauge little by little. When completely full, a rainbow power up gets transferred to the board for you to use. Don’t use the power up aimlessly, instead, wait for the opportune moment before setting it off. Activate it by exchanging it with a certain type of tile and watch all similar tiles in the entire board get popped! And then, search the board for possible combinations of 5 or 6 tiles to create circular bombs and TNTs. These are extremely powerful and can take down a good portion of the board.

Gardenscapes hack for unlimited lives (tested on iOS)

#Updated: 01/11/2016

Many of you probably have already known this, but i can’t believe i have been missing this easy trick to get free coins. The way it works is pretty similar to Candy Crush, but with a small twist, it will work for Gardenscapes too. And here is my step by step guide:

  1. This is very important, when you run out of lives, click home –> Setting –> Mobile data —> turn off your mobile cellular and Wifi. Click home and make sure no internet connected.
  2. Fully close Gardenscapes: Double click the home button –> push Gardenscape up to fully close the app.
  3. Here come the fun part: Go to Setting –> General –> Data and Time –> Turn of Set Automatically, then set your time 1-2 hours upward, 1 hour is equivalent of 2  lives, 4 is equivalent to 4 lives.

Pretty simple isn’t it? It is, i have tested this on iOS, work 100%, do let me know if you have any issue with this.

This is how you farm for unlimited amount of coins in Gardenscapes:

#Update: 28th Jan 2017 

Please note: This methods only works today as for Chinese New Year Update. So please milk it as soon as you can. 

As 27-28th of Jan 2017 is the Chinese New Year, Gardenscapes launched an update that makes it possible for you to farm unlimited amount of coins within 36 hours. Here is how you can do it.

Today, you should be prompted with an update message, after the update, you will see a red chinese lantern on the upper right, click on that, you will be redirected to another interface with 5 special levels. Here is what makes things interesting:

  1. You need to finish all 5 levels at once to get the final prize, if you fail 1 level, you have to redo it from the first level.
  2. You will be rewarded at least 90 coins each levels, with extra moves and bombs, you should be able to earn at least 100 coins per level.
  3. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, your base earning from each level is 90 coins.
  4. Running out of lives? Use the method i mentioned  above to get unlimited amount of coins.

Please do let me know if it works for you guys, i am excited to see if it really works for you.

Earn coins!

Earn coins by using Facebook to play the game or by watching ads if they are available. These coins may be used to purchase helpful items and boosts like shovel, rainbow power up, bombs, and more! Coins are also earned every time you complete a match. The longer the combination, the more coins you’ll earn. This game seems notoriously stingy when it comes to giving out coins, but it will suffice. You will receive at least 50 coins after each level is completed. Try not to use up all of your moves to bump the total coins up a bit.

Carefully choose your boosts!

Coins can be hard to come by, so choose the items that you will purchase carefully. Shovels are useful, but it can only take away one tile at a time. On the other hand, a fire cracker will explode in the shape of a cross. Always pick to buy bombs and rainbow power ups over one-tile wonders as these can take down a bigger portion of the board than a shovel can.

Always take note of your device’s screen!

Get to the gist of the story by checking out the clipboard that has your newsfeed on! Aside from the newsfeed, you’ll find your to-do list in this area. This is where you’ll know what works are currently in progress and how much stars are needed to complete the objectives. Meanwhile, on the upper right hand side of the screen, you’ll find an envelope that “dances” if you receive extra coins and other items in exchange for work done.

This game is great for those who like matching games and simple achievement-based plays. Safe for kids to play, too! These are only some of the Gardenscapes hack and cheats that we can come up with at the moment. Do share your techniques on how to earn more stars a lot quicker than usual by leaving comments below.


  1. I’m desperate looking for the way to increase the lives and found your page. I’m using an Android and I’m trying giving it a shot to my phone aaand…. IT WORKS! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH (sorry, can’t contain this happiness) *tip off my imaginary hat to you, sir*

    1. You sure you fully turned off the app and all internet connection?

      There was a small update a few days ago but i doubt that is the issue. I don’t use android so i can’t confirm.

      1. It was because the app was not fully closed but the days before it was good enough just to leave the game. Oh well, then it has to be done this way from now on.

    1. I think it should works regardless of your OS, since Gardenscapes doesn’t require your device to connect to their server to run.

      Just make sure that you fully turn off Gardenscapes and disconnect it from any internet connection, it should work.

      Keep me posted. 😉

  2. I´m not sure if I´m stupid or so but didn´t understand how to get butterflies. Somtimes they react when I get a match in a completely different corner of the game, sometimes they don´t move even when I change with a fruit in front of one – it makes me crazy ´cause every time I fail, a live is gone…
    Could someone be so kind and explain it once ?

    1. Hey,

      To get rid of butterflies, you can:
      1. Match it with same color of fruits.
      2. Blow it with bombs/ rockets.
      3. Rainblow blast it to destroy all fruits/ butterflies with the same color.

      Butterflies will always move upward unless there is obstacle such as boxes or rooted (locked) positions.

      I honestly didn’t fully understand your question, so i am unsure if it was a bug in your case. Let me know though.

  3. I am stuck at level 902…. Not enough moves! On YouTube the level starts with 30 moves, in my game it starts with 21 moves… I am so frustrated….

    1. The best way is to use the lottery or unlocking new days, i don’t use those that much unless facing extremely difficult levels.

  4. How do you get rid of honeycombs? I’ve tried matching three next to them, firecrackers, bombs, etc but can’t destroy them!

    1. Honeycombs can’t be gotten rid off sadly, they are annoying as hell but not too hard to pass levels with those though =))

  5. Im using an iphone. It’s not working for me. What am I doing wrong?Turned off cellular and wifi. Fully close gardenscapes? Push up to fully close? Not sure what that means. Turn off time set auto, change time –2hour up change.

    1. Are you using iphone? If yes, then double tap home button, and push your “gardenscapes app” up to fully close it.

      When you press the home button, gardenscapes still run on the background, hence not fully exited.

  6. Thanks Harry.

    My wife was so excited to read this article. The method works for both iPhone and iPad. To simplify thing a little bit, turn on and off Airplane Mode also worked.

  7. So i did the hack for unlimited lives and now the game is stuck on a day ahead in the afternoon..I’m using android. I haven’t been able to do my lucky spin either..this is there anyway to reverse this?..I turned the internet and wifi back on and set the time back to auto.

    I just want it to be back to normal date and time so I don’t miss out on any contest or the like that may launch on the game.

    1. It shouldn’t affect your spin cycle using this trick, at least for me on my iphone.

      Everything should be back to normal when you connect to internet with your time reversed back. Are you certain you did everything correctly? 😕 I have been using this trick since last september, never missed any important events :D.

      Make sure that, you have your time reversed before connecting to internet and Gardenscapes, otherwise gardenscapes will record your the time on your device.

  8. Is there a way to save the unlimited lives won that you know of? I just won 6 hours unlimited and don’t want to use them now. I am currently trying to just leave it open without claiming the prize to see what happens. Of course that means I can’t use my tablet for a while. We shall see I guess.

    1. Oh you mean that one, i think it won’t worth your effort. Resetting time can easily get you unlimited amount of lives easily. But still keep me posted though.

  9. How do I do time set on a Kindle fire 8 where you can only change the timzone. If I do it like on an android or iPhone,nothing happens, my lives remain zero.

  10. i have an ipad and i turned off the wifi turned off set time automaticly and before all of that i swiped up gardenscapes and i set the time 10 hours ahead turned internet back on and opened the game i only got 1 life

  11. How do people on YouTube have so many stars? The hacks never work and this game is too rediculous and time (or money) wasting to play without having lots of stars.

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